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Blood Myth 2019 Movie Free Download HD 720P


Blood Myth 2019 Movie Free Download HD 720P, The story follows James Lincoln (Jonathan McClean: Athena 2014) which is a journalist stuck looking into folklore and urban legends. One leads him to a mysterious village it is rumored a cult abducts people to use as sacrifices every 30 years. There may be a nugget of truth, as people have gone missing – the last being the sister of a local called Clayton Eldridge (Neil Summerville: Jump 2015) 3 decades prior. Lincoln takes his fiancée Harriet (The Creature Below 2016) with him to investigate, thinking it will just be an excuse to take a break. But then she goes missing. Now he has no choice but to take the legend seriously, or he may never find her again.

Blood Myth 2019 Movie Free Download HD 720P

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